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Our Facilities and Resources

Allan Smith Engineering
is a result-oriented company and offers expert services in the domain of kiln alignment. We are supported by a team of adept mechanical engineers, who have hands-on experience in this domain. They have worked on over 100 slow speed rotary machines for trouble-shoot of recurring mechanical problems and alignment. With our sound expertise, experience and dedication, we thoroughly undertake Kiln Erection
Services, Kiln Alignment Services, Rotary Furnace Services, Rotary Kiln Services, Rotary Kiln Maintenance Services and other allied industrial Projects. 

In order to ensure optimum results, we work in a profound manner and take help of special equipment for locating the exact reasons of recurring problem. Once it is done, we eliminate the problem easily, effectively and permanently. We strive to attain maximum possible close tolerance by taking extreme care of minute details. Also, our specialization in the Slow Speed Rotary Machines has played a major role in enabling us to become of a member of institution of engineers.

Our company is run by Mr. Laxmi Narayan, who is the Winner of National Award (India) for innovation applied to plant maintenance. He continually guides a group of engineers, who are engaged in:
  • Providing specialized and precise erection supervision services.
  • Trouble shooting the recurring problems associated with slow speed rotary machines.
Additionally, the engineers are engaged in improving the machines' performance by reducing the breakdowns of machinery. With their thorough efforts, we have served some reputed names such as Birla Cement, Prism Cement, etc.

Services Offered

With the help of our resources, professionals and modern facilities, we are providing various effective services that are applied to plant maintenance. We are offering specialized services for kiln, slow speed rotary machine, cooler, dryer, etc, such as:

  • Kiln Alignment Services
  • Kiln Diagnostic Maintenance Services
  • Kiln Erection Services
  • FPP Alignment of Klin (Hot Kiln Alignment, Cold Kiln Alignment)
  • Rotary Kiln Services

In our Diagnostic Maintenance Services, we undertake works for the diagnosis as well as rectification of recurring mechanical problems in Slow Speed Rotary Machines.

Our Expertise

Over the years, we have acquired expertise & experience in offering services in the segment of plant maintenance. With our innovative and effective services, we have been able to ensure sustaining and complete customer satisfaction. We have expertise in providing our diagnostic maintenance services for:

  • Slow Speed Rotary Machines
    • Up to Diameter 5,000 mm
    • Up to 150,000 mm
    • 0.5 to 5.5 rpm

In addition, we also have expertise in

Installation of Inlet / Outlet seals

Excessive movement of kiln in either direction

Floating Tire Replacement

Chair pad installation / chair pad shimming

Girth Gear reversal / replacement

Kiln / Dryer shell replacement

Support Roller Replacement

Kiln / Dryer shell run-out correction

Bearing / Bearing liner replacement

Kiln / Dryer (2 pier supported) alignment to optimizes radial and axial loading

Solving Hot bearings problems (journal bearing)

Optimizes axial load in rotary machine

Excessive load on thrust roller or Excessive worn out of thrust roller

Our Facilities & Resources

Allan Smith Engineering is known among the trusted companies that are providing expert services in the domain of kiln alignment. We have with us a team of expert mechanical engineers, who hold hands-on experience in the field. They are proficient in the alignment and trouble shoot of recurring mechanical problems for slow speed rotary machines. Different rotary machines on which our professionals have experience are:

  • Kiln
  • Cooler
  • Dryer
  • Calciner
  • Granulator etc.
We make use of advanced & special instruments in order to ensure high-precision output of our services. Owing to the support of our experts and facilities, we have attained specialization in undertaking Diagnostic Maintenance for Kiln, Cooler and Dryer, with specifications of diameter 2 to 6 meter and length 5 to 150 meter. 

Our Mentor and Professionals

Our company has acquired ample amount of success in the domain, owing to the vigilant guidance of Mr Shailesh Kumar. His educational qualifications include B.Sc, B.E, D.B.M, Dip. Maint. Magt., AMIE. He has twenty years of experience in the overseas companies, in the domain of:

  • Specialized engineering services
  • Plant equipment maintenance.

With his able support, our professionals work together to meet all the expectations of our customers. All of them are extremely experienced in their domain of work and ensure to offer solutions as per the client's requirements. Some of the highlights of our customization service are:

  • Carrying out diagnostic maintenance on kiln, cooler, dryer, etc.
  • Customized scope of work as per machine requirement to reduce/ eliminate frequent observed problem.

Owing to the proper and timely guidance of our mentor and hard work of our professionals, we have acquired a huge client base. Annually, we are satisfying around 25 customers consistently.

"We also offered Our Services in Indian Subcontinent, East/Middle Africa, North Africa, South/West Africa, East Asia, South East Asia & Middle East Countries.
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